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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
The Green Demon Slayer
Day 6 on our trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida, and we finally found a wonderful alternative to the Green
Demon. It's a little independent place called Wahoo Coffee Company. I wish we had gone into this place 6
days ago. Wahoo has it's own roaster inside the store, providing a wonderful scent. The coffee was
great. The espresso had a bittersweet chocolate finish to it, so it hung on for a while. But, there's nothing
wrong with that. So, if you are from the Northwest and you find yourself in Cocoa Beach, don't be afraid
to stop at this place located in a strip mall. The location ain't great, but the coffee is.  
J. Lowe
This family provides excellent and unusual beans, delightful service, wi-fi, good food, and a wonderfully
aromatic atmosphere. Thanks for bringing hi quality coffee to the Space Coast. The beans are available
fresh, fresh-roasted, or ground. Love it.

Visit date: January 2007

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As soon as I got back to SC from Cocoa Beach July 8, I put your espresso beans in the freezer for safe
keeping until I finished what I already had, which was, of course, inferior to the Wahoo beans.

I just brought it out for a try this weekend. I was not disappointed. It is the fine roast I remember when I
visited there every day while in Cocoa Beach June 28-July 8 of this year.

The family knew that I was not to be denied a Wahoo latte at some point, each day of the vacation.
They gave me my space and thus, we still speak.

Thanks guys for a great coffee - remembering the days of the latte mornings.

C. Mack Amick
Spartanburg, SC USA
I was in Cocoa Beach on business July 22-23rd.  I travel to the area once or twice a year and have
been to Wahoo Coffee before.  I brought my wife along on the latest trip and introduced her to your
coffee shop.  As usual, the coffee was great and the young lady working the counter was very
hospitable.  We tried a couple of items from the assortment of muffins and bagels and both enjoyed
what we ordered.  I really like the peaceful atmosphere and even purchased a colorful, blue Wahoo
coffee mug to take home.  My only regret is that we’re not closer to Cocoa Beach and are unable to
drop by on a regular basis.  Keep up the great work.

Travis McLane

Tallahassee, Florida

Travis McLane's website "My favorite coffeehouse's"
I can't drink any other coffee..I have become a coffee
Richard Rhatigan

Date 8/30/07
Jesse & Shea enjoying
Wahoo Coffee
Just wanted you to know that we stopped by Wahoo on our way to the Keys and took a pound of your great smelling coffee with us to have while
on vacation.  It was the freshest  and best coffee we have ever had.  We enjoyed it so much that I just ordered 3 pounds from your website.  

Jo Ann
Spotsylvania, VA                                                     12/28/07
Good morning,
Just wanted to let you know that we received our coffee order yesterday!   Thank you SO much!  

My daughter and son-in-law live at Cape Canaveral and I am so pleased that she brought me to your coffee shop when I was visiting with them in
May.  My husband LOVED the coffee beans I purchased... and we are so pleased that we can purchase by mail and that the beans are so fresh.  
Now we have wonderful coffee EVERY morning... thanks to Wahoo Coffee Company!!

(Oh...by the way... The coffee beans I purchased from your shop in May were in my carry-on bag for my flight back to Tennesee. You should have
heard the comments from the security people because of the wonderful aroma!!)  

Thank you again!  I look forward to being a regular mail order customer and look forward to visiting the store on my visits to Cape Canaveral!  The
store has a comfortable and friendly atmosphere and I really appreciated the expertise and help that I received... watching the beans being
roasted was an experience I had not had before!
Thank you again!  Wahoo Coffee Company is the best!!  

Trena & Douglas
Jonesborough, TN.                  7-11-08
Wahoo is the Best-kept Secret in World-class Coffee…  Now it’s Time to Spread the Word!

As a 30-year resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, I am inundated with a dizzying array of espresso choices from highly acclaimed coffee houses
and roasters such as Peets, Graffeo, Caffe Trieste and so many others. For those of us whose palates savor complex, balanced and mouth-filling
espressos, it is all too common to travel to another part of the country and find nothing but pedestrian Starbucks or other swill and resign ourselves
to our fate, knowing that we’ll just have to wait until we get home to partake of the longed-for nectar once again.

Back in early 2005, I was visiting Cocoa Beach and the most pressing task for me upon arrival was to seek out a coffee house that served an
espresso good enough to tie me over until returning home. My search led to Wahoo Coffee and I ordered up a double macchiato made with their
Midnight Brew.

My sense of rapture was immediate! I could not contain my enthusiasm as each new sip confirmed that my “buds” were not hallucinating. It was the
closest I had ever come to the perfect macchiato! I proclaimed on the spot that it was the best espresso I had ever tasted anywhere in the world,
including Italy. As an avid consumer of full-bodied Indonesian coffees from Sumatra, Sulawesi and Timor, I was quite surprised to learn that this brew
was of Indian, South American and Central American origins. So much for my pre-conceptions.

I have returned to Cocoa Beach every winter since that first visit and I always look forward to my twice-a-day pilgrimages to Wahoo Coffee, where I
can savor the multi-layered complexity and exquisite balance of the Midnight Brew while I’m away from home. Of course, it’s also fun for me to re-
connect with Talitha and Bob (the owners), who have made the shop a very welcoming and relaxing place to take a break.

Folks, if you live in the Cocoa Beach area, go straight to Wahoo Coffee and try one of their stellar single-origin coffees or creatively conceived
blends such as Midnight Brew. I’ll be surprised if you don’t make it your home base from that point forward.

If, like me, you live outside the area, you won’t beat Wahoo’s prices ($10.99 for Midnight Brew) and shipping policy. When you order 3 pounds or
more, there are no shipping charges and they will roast the beans and send out your coffee U.S. Priority mail the same day they get your order. I just
sent them an order from California on a Friday and my package arrived on my doorstep on Monday! You can’t beat service like that!

In my humble opinion, Wahoo Coffee offers the best value in world-class coffees anywhere in the known universe. Check it out and if you agree,
then spread the word.


Ian Dogole
Mill Valley, California
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