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All are 1 lb Pre-Roasted
Costa Rican Tarrazu: This is a rich and
seductive coffee, with delicate tones of fruit and
full of body.

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Organic:  One of the
world's truly remarkable coffees: clear and bright,
with unmistakable floral tones. Uniquely flavorful.
Rwanda Peaberry:  Only one single round bean
forms inside the cherry instead of two! This tiny little
"peaberry" is grown in Rubengera Sector Karongi
and produces a coffee that’s heavy in body with
subtle flavors of wine & ripe fruit.  
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Indian Monsooned Malabar AA:  The
Monsooned malabar is a low acid variety which is
exceptionally smooth, full bodied with a pleasant
earthy flavour but without a hint of mustiness of
aged coffees. It is very easy on the stomach. This
mellow coffee is mainly used in blending.  

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Brazilian Olam Cerrado:  The full and sound
body mixes with a light acidity that makes it
enjoyable even for sensitive stomachs.

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Java Estate Jampit:Organic - This new crop
of Java has good acidity with a medium-heavy
body and the rich, syrupy flavor characteristics
that we’ve come to associate with this origin.  
The coffee is filled with smooth, rich chocolate
flavors and hints of pine accompanied by a
buttery, creamy caramel finish.  A perfect cup to
start the day!
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Organic Uganda Bugisu-
An African coffee with more body than most
African coffee and somewhat less acidity.  Dark

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Wahoo only starts with the finest Organic and Fair trade green 100% Arabica
coffee beans then we roast them to order.  Wahoo is a small batch air
roasting company.  We will roast your beans the day we receive your order
and mail them U.S. Priority mail the same day.  This will insure you only get
fresh roasted coffee beans.  Free shipping with an order of 3 lbs or more.
Continental U.S. only. Contact Wahoo Coffee Co. Text Message @ 321.863.0177
Mai Tiki Market
247 Minutemen Cswy
Cocoa Beach, Fl.
Established 2005
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Organic Colombian Sierra Nevada -Shade
 Medium body, great aroma, medium
acidity, roasted light  
Organic Guatemalan SHB Ceylan SMBC-  
Another great Guate, roasted light  $15.99

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Organic Timor:  Grown in the Maubisse region of
Timor at 1400 meters and higher on a tiny island
between Australia and Sulawesi.  The coffee is a
lite roast with bright acidity and a clean taste.  Very
similar to a Kona profile but half the price.
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Bali Blue Moon Organic:   Bali farmers are
not permitted to use pesticides on their coffee
crops, and all fertilizers on the island are 100%
organic. Another great Indonesian.
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Organic Papua New Guinea A/X:

Another great Indonesian roasted med full body low
acidity with a chocolate after taste.  

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Organic Costa Rican Tarrazu-  Mild body, mild
acidity, clean finish with soft fruit notes.  Roasted

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Organic Flores "Komodo"- An organic
Indonesian from the Island of Flores.  Roasted just
below a medium roast.  A great smooth body.  

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Colombian Excelso E/P     $14.99 /Lb
Organic Sumatra Ketiara- We haven't had
Organic Sumatra in some time.  Roasted medium
with hints of chocolate and vanilla.

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